Asian honey bee

Asian Honey Bee

The Asian honey bee is a species of bee found in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is known for its unique behaviour and habits, which make it an interesting subject to study. The Asian Honey Bee has become an increasingly important species due to its ability to pollinate crops in areas with harsh climates or where there are fewer native pollinators. This species has also adapted to urban environments, making it a valuable asset for city gardens and parks. As the demand for food increases, so does the need for efficient pollination services which can be provided by the Asian Honey Bee.


The Asian Honey Bee, also known as Apis cerana, is an important species of bee in Asia. It has been around for centuries and plays a vital role in the pollination of many plants and crops. The appearance of the Asian Honey Bee is quite distinct from other species of bees, with black and yellow stripes on its body and wings. Its unique colouration makes it easily recognizable among other bees. 

Life Stages of Asian Honey Bees

  • The life cycle of the Asian Honey Bee is a fascinating one. From the egg stage to adulthood, these bees have a unique and intricate development process. 
  • Honey bee colonies start with a queen. 
  • The queen is the only female bee in the colony, and she lays all of the eggs that will go on to form worker bees and drones. 
  • When a new queen is introduced into an existing hive, she can sometimes lay fertile eggs right away. 
  • These are given to the workers for hatching. If no new queens are introduced for several generations, these new queens will be infertile and unable to produce fertile eggs that can be used by other members of the colony. 
  • If there haven’t been any new queens in a long time, it becomes necessary for workers.


From the way they build their hives to the way they collect nectar from flowers, Asian honey bees have some fascinating habits that make them stand out from other bee species. Asian honey bees build their hives in different shapes and sizes, often with multiple combs.

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