Black Wasp

Black Wasp

The Black Wasp, also known as the Common Wasp, is a species of wasp native to Europe, Asia, and North America. It is one of the most widespread and abundant wasps in the world. The Black Wasp is a social insect and lives in large colonies that can contain up to several thousand members. Its nests are made from chewed wood pulp, which is mixed with saliva to form a paper-like material. 


The Black Wasp is a small insect that can be found in many parts of the world. As its name suggests, the huge black wasp is a kind of exceptionally enormous wasp. This wasp is all-black, monochromatic, and lacks any distinguishable body patterns like stripes, spots, or other coloured markings. The species’ adult females, which are a little bigger than the males, grow to a length of around 1-1 12 inches.

Life Cycle

The Black Wasp has a short life cycle, usually only living for about two months. This type of wasp, like other wasps, goes through a full metamorphosis from egg to adult. But there is only one wasp here. No colonies are home to it. Following the mating process, the female excavates a hole in the ground, catches a katydid or grasshopper, drags it into the hole with her powerful mandibles, and deposits a single egg on top of it. She continues by putting two more hoppers in the larder. She excavates additional chambers for her upcoming eggs. The three insects provided for the larvae are eaten once they hatch, after which they pupate and become adults.


It feeds mainly on nectar and other sugary substances, and it has a habit of building nests near sources of food. They are also known to be quite aggressive when defending their nests from predators or intruders. As such, they are an important part of the ecosystem as they help to keep pest populations down. The Black Wasp feeds on nectar and small insects like caterpillars and flies. It also plays an important role in controlling pest populations in agricultural areas.

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