Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Honey bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a critical role in pollinating crops, flowers, and other plants. They are responsible for the production of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts that we consume every day. Without honey bees, these foods would not be available to us. In addition to their role in pollination, honey bees also help with pest control by keeping the population of harmful pests down. Their importance to our environment cannot be overstated.


The size and shape of the honey bees depend on the species and typically range from 0.6 to 1.5 mm long and 0.15 to 0.2 mm wide, although some may be smaller or larger depending on the species or their food source (dried plant material). The eggshells of bees are usually brown or black but can vary with some species that have white egg shells, usually with little dots that give them a speckled appearance.

Life Cycle

  • The first stage of honey bees is called the egg or larval stage, where they are fed with buds from a food source so they can grow quickly before pupating into the next stage which is called the post-larval or prepupal stage. 
  • The second to fourth stages include a moult that takes place in between these two phases, as well as moulting later on once more during its lifetime in order to change its appearance and gain different functions. 
  • From the egg stage until adulthood, the queen bee takes 16 days. Drone bees develop into adult bees in 24 days, while worker bees need 18 to 22 days to reach full development.


  • Honey bees are known for their highly organized social behaviour and complex communication systems. 
  • They live in groups and reproduce more often than usual bees, and interact with their environment by using excellent intelligence. 
  • The behaviours of honey bees are very considerable from their foraging patterns to their defensive strategies. 
  • They pollinate flowers and always try to build their Beehives.

Our Excellent and Affordable Honey Bee Removal Services

Honeybees are also the main source of honey and beeswax, which are used in many products. It is essential that we understand the importance of these creatures so our Local Bee Keepers can take steps to protect them or remove them if they bother you. To control them, call our Honey Bee Removal company, Bee Wasp Removal Canberra.