Italian Bees

Italian Bees

Italian bees are a species of honey bee that is native to the Mediterranean region. They are known for their hardworking and cooperative nature, which makes them great honey producers. As a result, they have become one of the most popular bee species for beekeeping all over the world. 


Italian Bees are one of the smallest bees in the world, measuring just 5-12 mm in length. This small size makes them easy to overlook, but they are an important part of the ecosystem. They can be found in many parts of Europe, Australia and North America, where they play a vital role in pollinating crops and wildflowers. As their name implies, Italian Bees have a unique appearance compared to other bees. Their bodies are striped with yellow and black bands and their wings are transparent. They also have longer antennae than other bee species, which helps them detect food sources more quickly.

Life cycle

The life cycle of an Italian bee starts with the queen laying eggs in wax cells in her hive. The eggs hatch into larvae and then pupae before emerging as adult bees. The adults work together to build up the hive, collect nectar and pollen from flowers, and produce honey. They also take care of their queen by feeding her royal jelly and protecting her from predators. After several weeks, new queens emerge from their cells to start new colonies while the old ones die off naturally or are replaced by younger queens.

Habits and Behaviour 

Did you know that Italian bees have some unique habits and behaviours? 

  • These behaviour patterns are fascinating to observe and can be used to identify the species. 
  • Italian bees can be identified by the presence of scent on their hind legs. 
  • They use this scent to communicate with one another, and when they feel threatened, they rub their hind legs on surfaces to leave a long trail of scent. 
  • This is often how scientists identify Italian bees. 
  • Italian bees are also known for dropping a small ball of wax at the entrance hole or hive entrance after the honey has been removed from the cells.

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