Parasitic Wasp

Parasitic Wasp

Parasitic wasps are unique species of insects that have evolved to lay their eggs on or inside other living organisms. Parasitic wasps are an important part of the natural world and are essential for controlling pest populations. These tiny predators have been around for millions of years, playing a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems by keeping pest populations under control. By understanding more about parasitic wasps, we can better understand how to protect our environments from destructive pests while still allowing these beneficial insects to thrive.


Parasite wasps are typically small and brown in colour, but they can also be black, yellow, red-orange or green. The appearance of parasitoid wasps is extremely varied; they can be as small as a pepper fleck or as large as almost 3″ long, and their colours can range from consistently dark to vividly coloured and patterned. Some have complex colour patterns whereas the majority are black or brown.

Life Cycle

  • They typically fly around flowers to lay their eggs on the flowers or on the surrounding soil. 
  • Not all parasitic wasps reproduce sexually when they mate.
  • The female finds a host and oviposits (injects her egg) into it. Opposite egg in the host.
  • To prevent the host’s immune system from destroying her egg, she may additionally inject virus-like particles in addition to the egg.
  • The egg hatches, the wasps emerge, and the larvae begin to eat the host’s inside.
  • Pupa, after leaving the dead host, the larvae develop into a pupa, from which the adult wasps emerge.

Habit or Behaviour

  • They feed on other insects, such as caterpillars and aphids, which makes them an effective biological control agent.
  • Parasitic wasps can be found all over the world and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • They use their long ovipositors to lay eggs inside their host’s body, where they will later hatch and feed on the host’s body fluids.

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