Sand Wasp

Sand Wasp

Sand Wasps are a fascinating species of wasp that can be found in many parts of the world. These wasps have an interesting lifestyle and play an important role in their environment. They are often seen burrowing into the sand, creating tunnels and chambers to lay their eggs. The larvae then feed on the food they find inside the tunnels, growing into adults that fly away to start their own colonies. Sand Wasps can also help control pests by preying on other insects, making them beneficial to have around.


  • The black sand wasp measures 2.5 cm in length and has yellow or yellowish-green markings. 
  • Along the coast, one can find Microbembex monodonta. Black sand wasps with white, yellow, or green markings are common. 
  • They can be identified by their upper lip’s enlarged triangular labrum, which gives them the appearance of having a beak.

Life Cycle

  • In the nest cell, each sand wasp undergoes a full metamorphosis, developing from an egg, larva, pupa, and adult wasp. 
  • Wood pulp, which is what wasps call their own saliva mixed with chewed wood, is used to make their nests. 
  • In a few cells that the queen has constructed, she deposits her eggs, which she then raises to become her first worker wasps. 
  • She closes the end of the tunnel with sand after depositing an egg on one of the prey. 
  • Before becoming an adult, the larva eats and pupates inside a cocoon in the nest. 
  • A new nest is dug and an additional egg is laid by the mother once her progeny has reached the pupa stage.

Habit or Behaviour

Sand Wasps are fascinating creatures that exhibit a range of behaviours and habits. These behaviours and habits can be observed in their nesting, feeding, and social activities. They are also known for their impressive ability to dig intricate tunnels in the sand to create nests and protect their young. Understanding the habits and behaviours of sand wasps is essential for understanding how they interact with their environment, as well as how they can be managed in an agricultural or urban setting.

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