Teddy Bear Bees

Teddy Bear Bees

The Teddy Bear Bee is a unique species of bee, native to North America. It is known for its fuzzy, teddy bear-like appearance, and it has been an integral part of the North American ecosystem for centuries. The Teddy Bear Bee plays an important role in pollination and honey production. Not only is it a vital nutrition source for humans, but it is also an important food supply for other species like birds & small mammals. As the world’s climate changes, the Teddy Bear Bee is becoming increasingly threatened by habitat destruction, pesticide use, and other factors. 


Teddy Bear Bees have a distinct size and appearance that sets them apart from other types of bees. These fuzzy little creatures are typically between 7-9 millimetres long, making them slightly larger than other common bee species. They also have a unique colouration pattern, with black and yellow stripes running along their bodies, giving them their signature teddy bear-like look. Since their wings are typically transparent, light can easily travel through them. Teddy Bear Bees are an interesting and alluring species to examine because of their characteristics.

Life cycle

The life cycle of teddy bear bees is unique. these bees are born from a queen to whom they feed and she will lay their eggs on the flowers she forages for food. The eggs hatch into larvae that feed on the nectar and pollen of flowers until they become adults. This process takes about three weeks and the bees that hatch from the eggs will then become their own queens and live their life cycle all over again.


  • Teddy bear bees, also known as Anthophora bomboides, are a species of bee native to the United States. 
  • These bees are renowned for their distinctive habits and behaviour, which make them fascinating to witness.
  • They are also quite social, forming colonies that can contain up to hundreds of individuals. 
  • Their behaviour is fascinating to watch, as they interact with each other and their environment in ways that can be both endearing and educational. 

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