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If you see wasp nests around your house, then we suggest you don’t remove them yourself because their stings are dangerous for your health. If you want to get rid of wasps and nests from your house or colony, you can call us, and we will reach your house within a few minutes. Our team for Wasp Removal Canberra offers one of the best wasp nest removal and wasp removal services.

Our team is available round the clock to take your appointment. Thus do not hesitate to call us any time. We provide the services at the most affordable prices. We have local wasp removal professionals who know all the routes of the town and can reach you on time for your rescue

There are a variety of wasps, each with its own characteristics and nest designs. By selecting us for wasp and wasp nest removal, you will minimise the damage done to your property and health, and you will not have to think anything about their removal. We know about wasps and nests deeply.

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    We Offer Nest Removal Services For All Wasps Found In Canberra

    Our Wasp Removal team offers wasp nest removal and wasp removal services for all species. We are an experienced Wasp and Bee Removal Canberra team that helps you in removing Wasps and Nests from your houses, commercial premises and other places.

    Paper Wasps removal

    Paper Wasps

    Paper wasps are generally known as umbrella wasps because they build their nest in an umbrella shape. You can hire our Wasp Removal experts to remove paper wasps from your property. We provide you with our services at a very low wasp removal cost.

    Mud Wasps Removal

    Mud Wasps

    Mud wasps mainly build their nest from mud, and they are less aggressive as compared to honey bees and yellowjackets. Our wasp exterminators are experts in their job and provide you with better quality mud wasp removal services in Canberra.

    Local Australian Wasp

    Local Australian Wasp

    The local Australian Wasp is a species of wasp in the Vespidae family that is found throughout Australia and is also known as the common paper wasp. Local Australian Wasp species are generally identified by their long thin legs banded with yellow and black colouring.



    Hornet wasps are mainly ¾-inch long and come in black and white stripes colour with white faces. Hornets mainly construct their nests in trees and are comparatively less dangerous to European wasps and Yellowjackets. If they construct their nest in your garden, it becomes difficult for you to remove it yourself. For removing a nest from your property, you can hire our services to remove hornets from your property.

    Brown Wasp Removal

    Brown Wasp

    Brown wasps are often compared to paper wasps. They generally construct their nest on trees and sometimes in homes. To remove their nest from your house, You just hire our services to remove hornets from your property.

    Wasp Nest Removal Services In Canberra

    Wasp Removal Services For Which You Can Call Us Every Day

    Our professional team offer one of the best wasp pest control services in Canberra. We have a fully experienced team. Our professional team is fully dedicated to their jobs and provides excellent wasp hive removal service to customers in Canberra.

    Residential wasp removal

    Wasps are commonly found in residential places and spread various kinds of infection and make the environment unsafe and unhealthy. We offer wasp nest removal services at a very low cost and solve your problems.

    Commercial wasp removal

    Wasps can infest commercial places, and removing them is very difficult for you. You can hire our wasp removal company to remove and control wasps from your commercial places.

    Pre-purchase wasp removal inspection

    We offer advance pre-purchase wasp inspection services for a wasp control and removal from a new property before buying or investing. We assure you that our pre-purchase wasp removal services are one of the best wasp pest control services throughout Canberra.

    Dead Wasp Removal

    Dead wasps are a sign of wasp infestation on your premises. If you see dead wasps on your property, then you must hire a professional team that can easily remove dead wasps and nests from your property.

    Some Facts You Must Know About Wasps

    Bees and wasps both look the same. That’s why most people get confused about whether it is bees or wasps. The most common difference between bees and wasps is the difference in hair. Bees are furrier than wasps. Wasps are more dangerous insects as compared to bees because they are more aggressive than bees. Wasps generally prefer to make their nests on trees and underground holes. But sometimes they make their nest in your house if they get enough food for themselves.

    The wasp (wasps) is a social insect that lives in colonies. They are strong and helpful insects that help with our food supply. They have strong jaws and are very protective of their colonies. Most wasps are yellow and black in colour, but they have many different colours and patterns. They’re commonly referred to as stinging insects.

    The wasp’s body is made up of several parts: the thorax, abdomen, and head. Their bodies are mostly made out of chitin- the same material as insect shells. Chitin is tough and strong; it helps the wasp’s body stay intact when it attacks its prey. The wasp’s abdomen is segmented and has many sections. It contains the reproductive organs, storage areas, and the digestive system. The wasps’ legs are short and have no wing cases. Instead, they use their wings for flying and for protection.

    Wasps are known to be more rampant insects as compared to bees. Wasps generally appear in late summer, and bees are mainly in the spring. Unfortunately, both wasps and bees threaten human health and use their long stings to attack humans. Around 100 people die every year from bee and wasp stings.

    Wasp Nest Removal Canberra

    Treatment Offered By Us For Wasp Removal In Canberra

    CANBERRA’S southside residents are more likely to be stung by a European wasp than their northside neighbours. The treatment offered by us is mentioned below:

    Nest Area Inspection

    Nest Area Inspection

    Our wasp specialist fully inspects your premises and provides you with a detailed inspection report to you.

    Wasp Removal

    Wasp Removal

    Then, we work to remove wasps from the nest. We can remove any number of wasps from a nest. We do our best to remove wasps without harming them.

    Nest Removal

    Nest Removal

    After wasp removal, our focus is on the wasp nest removal. We remove nests from your premises. Sometimes, we remove nests and wasps together.



    We also provide follow-up treatment to control the present wasp infestation from your house forever.

    Obvious Reasons To Hire Us For Wasp Removal Services In Canberra

    Our service and customers both are important to us. Our customers can easily trust us and hire our local wasp nest removal services without any hesitation. Here are some obvious reasons behind it.

    • Local: We provide our wasp control services 24/7 hours. So you can avail of our services at any time according to your needs and requirements.
    • Best: We provide one of the best wasp pest control and nest removal services in Canberra.
    • Affordable: We provide our services at a very affordable price. So everyone can easily avail of our services’ benefits without hesitation.
    • Professional: We have an excellent team that is professional in every kind of wasp pest removal job and provides their best services within the timeline.
    • Certified: Our team is certified in its services and assures you that our wasp control services are the best in Canberra.
    • Eco-friendly: Our team uses modern methods and techniques to prevent wasps and other pests from your property. Our experts use an eco-friendly approach while doing their jobs, take proper precautions, and provide you with the best quality wasps removal services at a very reasonable cost.
    Wasp Removal Canberra


    Yes, we provide our wasp removal services mainly in Canberra, but we also offer our services anywhere in the suburbs within 60 KM of radius Canberra. We have fast-moving vans to reach farther areas from Canberra.

    We assure you that our wasp nest removal service is one of Canberra’s best and most affordable services. So everyone can easily avail of the benefits of our wasp removal services. It starts from $180 and differs depending on the height and size of the nest.

    Yellow jacket wasps, the most dangerous, are also the easiest to identify. We provide every type of Wasp pest control and nest removal service in Canberra.

    Timely And Same-Day Wasp Removal And Control Services In Canberra And Its Suburbs

    If wasps build their nests on your property and near the colony then they become the most dangerous insects because they suddenly attack humans. We at Bee Wasp Removal Canberra offer same-day and emergency services at a very effective price. We assure you that our professionals take full precautionary measures while doing their wasp removal job. We are available at various locations in Canberra. Some of them are Kambah, Ainslie, Yarralumla and Narrabundah.